Hi, I’m Jason.

I was a pretty normal kid who grew up in a typical middle class family, but my career path was anything but typical.

Throughout my 20s I worked in the entertainment industry as an actor, stand up comedian, producer, screenwriter, and professional street performer (yes, it’s a thing). 

I also founded two entertainment companies, worked for multiple cruise lines, and lived/worked/traveled in over 35 different countries. Yeah, it was a pretty awesome way to spend my 20s.

In my 30’s I settled back in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada where I produced and directed everything from television broadcaster award shows and rock concerts, to large scale diplomatic events and fundraising galas. Each of those 100’s of events were like individual businesses and it gave me the opportunity to learn pretty much every aspect of business.

My personal life and hobbies were just as eclectic as my career. Among other things, I was a juggler, an avid skydiver, a competitive fencer (epee), and an international freediving competitor. 


In 2007 I began what is now affectionately referred to as my “year from hell”. It’s a long story, but let's just say it involved an unexpected divorce, a spinal fusion, lots of oxycontin, being bedridden for 6 months, and having to live with my grandmother while she nursed me back to health. Talk about a humbling experience.

But, it was also a time that I would never change because it started me on a path of incredible growth, contribution, and opportunity.

After my year from hell it was clear that there were some underlying problems with my life and it was time for a change. I hired two coaches to help me redefine my life and goals. 

The transformation was profound. I quickly reclaimed my health (I’ve done multiple Ironman and ultra endurance events since), married an incredible woman, had two amazing kids, and set off on the most fulfilling career I could have ever hoped for.


After experiencing my personal life transformation I simply had to share the power of coaching with as many people as possible.

I immersed myself in multiple training and certification programs and in 2010 I launched my first coaching business, Jason Billows Leadership Inc., working with senior executive leaders and their teams.

I knew that I was a great coach, but what surprised me was how well my eclectic career path and experience translated to growing a coaching business. Within just 50 days of officially launching my business, I had generated $50,000 in revenue.

I also volunteered as an ambassador for the Coaches Training Institute (now Co-Active), sat on an International Coach Federation Board, and supported numerous coach trainings and events. I loved that all this volunteer work gave me the opportunity to learn from and work with so many amazing coaches.

What surprised me was that despite so many of those coaches being incredibly talented, they struggled to succeed in business. I had taken my experience, business knowledge, and success for granted.


More and more coaches started asking me to help grow their businesses.  

For the next two years I taught workshops, led trainings, and worked 1:1 with coaches when I had the capacity, but it was challenging because I was already booked solid with my leadership clients. I made it work though, because I loved the coaches and was so fulfilled in helping so many of them have a bigger impact.

Finally, in 2012 I decided to make it official and I launched Constant Clients - my coaching business dedicated to helping coaches succeed at business and thrive in life. Since then I have helped 100’s of coaches to grow and scale their businesses, along with many consultants and other service professionals who have also found success with my programs.

I still work with executive leaders, too. While Constant Clients is my primary focus, I still love my leadership work and I see Jason Billows Leadership Inc. as a way for me to test and validate new systems and strategies before sharing them with my coach clients.


So, that’s my story. Well, the career part of it.

When I’m not working you’ll find me on outdoor adventures with my wife Tracy, my kids Caelan (10) and Charlotte (8), and our poodle, Pepper.

If we work together I'm sure we'll both learn a lot more about each other.

In the meantime, say hi on Facebook.

Thanks for being here.