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The Constant Clients Accelerator is my signature step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract a constant flow of clients so you can grow and scale your business, fast.


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My Complete Accelerator System

All of the systems, strategies, tools, and resources you’ll need to build your business from the ground up and start attracting a constant stream of clients, fast. Includes templates, scripts, models, and more. (Value: $2497)


Step-By-Step Video Training

This extensive library of training videos will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know and do to build your business and earn your first (or next) $50,00 and beyond. (Value: $2497)


Live Coaching Calls With Jason

Whether you need help with your strategies, your implementation, or your mindset, Jason will be there to coach and support you every week on our live group coaching calls. (Value $2497)


Private VIP Mastermind Community

Surround yourself with a community of high-achieving peers. In the Accelerator private VIP mastermind community you will connect with, be challenged by, and receive support from fellow Accelerators, coaches, and Jason. ($997)



1:1 Video Coaching With Jason

Have a unique challenge or question that can’t be answered in our mastermind or live coaching calls? I will provide you with personalized one-on-one video coaching.  (Value $1997)


Limited Time Bonus

Productivity Principles Program

Life is busy and whether you’re starting a new business or working to grow your existing business, you can always use more time. My Productivity Principles Program™ will help you to better identify and manage your priorities, plan your execution, and become more productive. (Value $497)


Limited Time Bonus

Better Decisions Famework

Don’t waste your time and money, filled with self-doubt and indecision. My Better Decisions Framework™ will help you to make clear and confident decisions, whether you’re identifying a niche, choosing a website design, deciding how much to charge, or any other big (or small) decisions. (Value $497)


Limited Time Bonus

Social Media Audit

One of the most effective ways to generate leads organically is through social media. Let us know when you’ve completed and implemented the branding and social media modules of the Accelerator program, and you’ll get a Social Media Audit to ensure you’re doing everything right to maximize the effectiveness of your social media accounts. (Value $497)


Limited Time Bonus

Website Audit

Websites are key to establishing yourself as an authority and earning enough trust for leads to turn into clients. Let us know when you’ve completed the branding and website modules of the Accelerator program, and you’ll get a Website Audit with actionable feedback on what you’re doing right, and what can be improved. (Value $497)


Today's Price Only:


Total Value: $12,473
Normal Price: $4,997

You Get:

✔ Complete Accelerator System
✔ Step-By-Step Video Training
✔ Live Coaching Calls
✔ Private Mastermind Community


Plus These Limited Time Bonuses:

★ 1:1 Video Coaching 
★ Productivity Principles Program
★ Better Decisions Framework
★ Social Media Audit
★ Website Audit 

This is the program you've been looking for - everything you need to start or grow your business and land as many clients as you can handle.

Kevin T. Johns

Writing Coach

After just two coaching calls with Constant Clients, I doubled my clientele. I went from 9 clients to 19 in less than a month thanks to Jason. 

Natalie Shay

Psychotherapist & Coach

Constant Clients helped me increase client leads by over 50 percent, double my sales, and generate an additional $50,000 in less than 6 months.

Jim Mondry

Leadership Coach

I knew how to coach, but not how to build a business. Constant Clients gave me the training, resources, and coaching to build a strong and sustainable business.

Attracting a constant flow of clients into your business doesn't have to be hard... IF you follow a step-by-step system that works.

How NOT to get clients:


Chasing prospects with cold calls and DMs

Posting constantly to social media (and hearing crickets)

 Shotgun approaches that try to serve anyone willing to pay

 Selling too many products or services

 Spreading yourself across multiple social media channels

 Using a number of business growth tactics at one time

How  to attract your dream clients:


Be an authority and attract your dream clients.

Post less (but consistently) and get more engagement.

 Laser focus on your ideal clients within a specific niche

Sell 1 or 2 signature programs that get exceptional results

Gain a loyal following on 1 or 2 platforms

Follow a proven, step-by-step strategy that gets results

Sadly, most entrepreneurs have no idea what mistakes they're making and why they don't succeed.  I will teach you simple and effective principles to attract clients who are literally excited to pay you.




The Accelerator system was designed for Coaches and Consultants, but we’ve had a variety of other service professionals get great results with our program (they just have to adapt some of the materials for their specific industry).

Some of our previous students’ titles include:

Life Coach

Business Coach


 Parenting Coach

 Fitness Trainer

Interior Designer



Finance & Wealth Coach


Mindset Coach

Health Coach

Relationship Coach

Course Creator

Marketing Coach

Social Media Manager

 Spiritual coach

Branding Consultant

Writing Coach

Podcast Editor

Career Coach

Yoga Instructor

Workshop Facilitator

Sales Coach

Video Editor

Social Media Consultant

Massage Therapist


Music Teacher

And more…

Today's Price Only:


Total Value: $12,473
Normal Price: $4,997

Does it work?

The Accelerator system works if you do the work. There is no magic bullet, secret shortcut, or easy button.

You will have to roll up your sleeves, work hard, and implement the systems and strategies in the program.

Do that and you’ll learn everything necessary to attract a constant flow of clients into your business.

Don't miss out! The Accelerator is usually $497/month. I am only testing this $49/week payment option and it will not be around for long.



Jo-Anne, Life Coach
I’m so glad I took the leap. $4600 in sales and it has been less than a week. I can’t wait to see what I’ll do in a month or a year. I’m so excited.

Maggie, Real Estate Coach
Guys, follow the system. I wasted so much time and money before on paid ads and got literally zero results. It has only been 3 and a half months since I joined CC and I’ve already made $32,000. 

Seb, Productivity Consultant
Big win to share. I Signed my 9th new client in less than 2 weeks since joining Constant Clients.

Derek, Health & Wellness Coach
I’m so excited! Today I signed my 12th client since starting the program. Never thought this side hustle would become a real business so quickly. Thanks for all the support here in the group. You guys rock!

Cindy, Relationship Coach
I hesitated to sign up because I had already done a lot of business courses and worried that this one would be the same, but this program is so well laid out and the support is phenomenal which is making all the difference.

Lynne, Life Coach 
I have tried to start my business on my own so many times. Finally, it’s a reality. It isn't possible for me to thank you enough or to tell you how this community has changed my life. 

Mark, Wealth & Finance Coach
I don’t think I’ve ever been so organised with my business or my life. I know exactly what I need to do every day to move me forward and hit my goals.

Allison, Nutritional Consultant
My Confidence is through the roof. I never thought I’d be my own boss and have so much control over my business and my life.


Myth #1:

I  have to post constantly on social media to get clients.


When you are strategic about the content you create, you can post much less. 3 times per week is often the sweet spot.

Myth #2:

I have to DM or cold call hundreds of people a month to get enough clients.


I will teach you a system that attracts clients to you by earning trust and establishing you as an authority in your space.

Myth #3:

Sales is a sleazy, pushy business and that's not who I am.


I'll teach you my no sleaze, no pressure sales approaches which inform your prospects and get them excited to work with you.

Myth #4:

I need a big email list or a huge audience on social media to get clients.


Sure they can help, but it’s not necessary. Every new business needs time to grow. I’ll show you how to grow that audience, and in the meantime I’ll show you how to get clients with the network you already have.

Myth #5:

I have to spend lots of money on ads to find new clients.


My leadership coaching business was a success for 8 years without running a single paid ad. In fact, I discourage my clients from running any ads until they’ve cracked at least $50K, and in most cases $100K per year. 

Myth #6:

My services are too unique for business programs and courses to help me. 


Tough love time… you’re probably telling yourself this story to avoid facing fears and taking action. I have yet to find a client that didn’t benefit from the Accelerator program. Are you ready to step up and take action?

Myth #7:

I need to invest lots of money in a website, software and tech.


Many new business owners waste too much time on vanity projects like fancy websites. I'll show you just how simple a website and other tech can be and still get you great results.

Myth #8:

One-on-one coaching is better than group coaching programs.


That’s not what results show. A well designed group program like the Accelerator provides you with more high value coaching opportunities, in-depth training, and support that gets results.

Myth #9:

I’m too late. My target market is already filled with too many big competitors.


A busy and popular target market proves that there is high demand for your services. I’ll show you how to stand out and become the go-to authority in any crowded marketplace.

Mazdak Chinichian

Organizational Change Consultant

I landed my first 12 clients in less than 90 days thanks to Constant Clients. Jason not only helped grow my business, but also helped me grow as an entrepreneur. 

Rick Clemons

LGBTQ Coach, Author, Speaker

Jason and Constant Clients helped me to become a leading expert, coach, speaker, and podcaster in my niche.

Josh Patrick

Business Coach & Consultant

If you want to work with someone who can provide results that matter, then Jason’s your guy. His Constant Clients program and his coaching are incredible.


The Accelerator will give you all of the training, coaching, and support you'll need to attract a constant flow of clients into your business. Here's just a taste of what you'll learn once you're inside.

  • The key business foundations needed to grow a successful business.
  • How to narrow your niche, find your target market, and identify your ideal client.
  • How to design a personal brand that is authentic and gets attention.
  • How to stand out and become the go-to expert in your industry
  • My step-by-step system to confidently value and price your services.
  • How to find clients quickly in your existing network, even if it relatively small.
  • How to leverage the social media platforms that will get you the best results.
  • How to become a magnet for your ideal clients so they message you.
  • How to grow your email list easily and ethically.
  • How to earn trust effortlessly so the sales make themselves. 
  • How to package your services into an irresistible offer. 
  • Simple marketing methods that take the guesswork out of attracting leads.
  • Scripts and templates that give you the formula for effortlessly attracting clients.
  • How to spend your time effectively to get results, and what to avoid wasting your time on.
  • How to deliver your services in a way that helps your clients get exceptional results.
  • How to create systems in your business to save time and maximize effectiveness.
  • And so much more…

Today's Price Only:


Total Value: $12,473
Normal Price: $4,997

You Get:

✔ Complete Accelerator System™ ($2,497)
✔ Step-By-Step Video Training ($2,497)
✔ Live Coaching Calls ($2,497)
✔ Private Mastermind Community ($997)


Plus These Limited Time Bonuses:

★ 1:1 Video Coaching  ($1.997)
★ Productivity Principles Program™ ($497)
★ Better Decisions Framework($497)
★ Social Media Audit ($497)
★ Website Audit ($497)

Most of my students make enough money from their first client to cover the cost of their Alliance membership for an entire year.

What sets the Accelerator apart?


The Accelerator is not a cookie cutter business course. Every person and business is unique and this program has been designed with that in mind.

Inside the training you’ll get access to proven systems and strategies that have worked for hundreds of my clients.

Then, in our mastermind sessions and coaching calls, you’ll get the support needed to customize the program to your specific needs.

You won't be left hanging.  If your challenges can’t be solved in the mastermind or group coaching calls, I’ll give you 1:1 video coaching calls until we find the solution you need.

This is a rare chance to get world-class coaching on a flexible payment plan of only $49/week. 

I am only testing this payment option and bonuses for a limited time and they will not be around for long.

If you're ready...

I'm excited to help you take charge, make a bigger impact, and experience the freedom of owning a truly successful business.




If you choose to pay in full for 6 months of the Accelerator, you will receive a private, one-on-one, live coaching session. 

The clients who get the best results are always those who fully commit and take massive and immediate action. 

To recognize your commitment and set you up for success, I will personally coach you in creating a game plan strategy to get the most out of the Accelerator and fast track your results.

My 1:1 coaching rates start at $2,500/month, so this limited time pay in full BONUS is a huge value.

Plus, you'll save over $275 when you pay the one-time discounted 6 month price of $997.




Do you have more questions? Send us an email.

I have worked with 6 other business coaches and none of them compare to how Jason has helped my business thrive in an authentic way. Jason showed me that marketing didn’t have to be sleazy or hard. He taught me marketing strategies that got clients with ease and did it in a way that felt authentic to me and my brand. I recommend him every chance I get.
Natalie Shay, Psychotherapist & Coach

Today's Price Only:


or $997 Six-Month Membership

Total Value: $12,473
Normal Price: $4,997

You Get:

✔ Complete Accelerator System™ ($2,497)
✔ Step-By-Step Video Training ($2,497)
✔ Live Coaching Calls ($2,497)
✔ Private Mastermind Community ($997)


Plus These Limited Time Bonuses:

★ 1:1 Video Coaching  ($1.997)
★ Productivity Principles Program™ ($497)
★ Better Decisions Framework($497)
★ Social Media Audit ($497)
★ Website Audit ($497)

For a very limited time, pay in full for your 6 month membership and you'll save over $275 plus you'll get a private, one-on-one, live coaching session with Jason.